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Banz Group Bahrain BANZ Group is a diverse Bahrain closed stock company consisting of wholly owned, joint venture and associate companies. Chairman's Statement We believe that a successful business thrives on confidence, honesty, honour, the sacredness of obligations and on true unselfish performance, without these qualities, a business cannot survive. Intermaint The International Company for Constructions and Special Maintenance (INTERMAINT), upgrading of production equipments and high quality metal fabrications and steel construction in Egypt and outside egypt., INTERMAINT offers services for all heavy industrial plants. Contact us - SoftTrend E-mail: info@soft-trend.com SoftTrend – Headquarter | 21B, 198 Street,Degla, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. T +20 (2) 251 723 44-55 | F +20 (2) 251 723 66 | M +20 (10) 69966277 . SoftTrend – Saudi Arabia | Faisaliah Tower, Level 18, King Fahd Highway, Olayah District, Riyadh 11524, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. M +966 (58) 134 3380/85 | T +966 (11) 490 3713. SoftTrend – United States of America | 1603 أخبار الإنترنت | البوابة العربية للأخبار التقنية

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Home - Millennial, Gen Z, and Multi-Generational Workforce Everything’s Not OK and That’s OK is a leadership company providing group-based trainings and keynote speaking to enhance communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills amongst employees and individuals. Owner, Alissa Carpenter, customizes programming to create collaborative and inclusive workforces across generations. شركة شحن من دبي إلى تركيا - شركة الفارس للشحن الدولي Shipping from Dubai to Turkey is an important destination for Al Fares Cargo Services, as well as shipping from Turkey to the UAE Al Fares offers household items, personal and cargo shipment services from Dubai and UAE to Turkey.

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Zenj Exchange Co. WLL - Services More people rely on Zenj Exchange than any other foreign exchange service provider to support families back home, rescue travelers in emergencies, aid students in foreign countries ,monthly mortgage payments to a cross-border bank and keep businesses operation smoothly.